Frequently Asked Questions

Is Romania a safe country?

After the fall of the communism, Romania, as most of the East European Countries, suffered a long process of transition with a high criminality rate. But this has completely changed ever since and now Romania is one of the most welcoming countries with one of the lowest criminality rate in the whole Europe and with 0 terrorist attacks.

Is Romania a cheap country to visit?

Absolutely yes. Even though the prices have increased considerably in the last years, there are still very low compared with the Western Europe. Also, the quality of the services increased and got closed to western standards in big cities, so you can enjoy the flavors and pleasures of Romania without any worry on the budget.

Can I pay with Euro in Romania?

Even though Euro may be used for a lot of services in the large cities of Romania, the national currency is RON (or Leu meaning “lion”) and for sure you will need RON in our country.

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

It depends. While in most of the places it is possible to pay by credit card, there are still a lot of situation where cash is still the king J. Make sure you change some money right from the airport.

Overall when travelling to Romania you should stay vigilant, but not more than you would in any other country. Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from enjoying yourself while you visit this wonderful destination. You will have a very safe and memorable trip that you will not regret.

What is the traditional food in Romania?

There is a large variety of dishes claimed to be traditional, but for the supreme culinary experience make sure to try “sarmale”, “mici”, ,,ciorbă de perișoare” and as a dessert ,,papanași”.

What kind of plugs are used in Romania?

In Romania the power plugs used are of type F, with the voltage of 230 V and 50 Hz frequency.

What are the best place to visit in Romania if you have limited time?

This all depends on you, each person is different and has different passions. If you love history and legends, make sure to have “The Best of Romania” in one day: Dracula Castle, Brasov City and Peles Castle. If you love nature and tremendous landscape, then your best day trip might be “Above the clouds”: Daytrip to Transfagarasan, one of the most beautiful roads in the world & Curtea de Arges – the medieval capital of Wallachia. Or perhaps you would love to explore Romanian seaside in one day tour.

How is the nightlife in Bucharest?

Unfortunately, Romania has only a few highways. Despite of continuous debates and dissatisfaction, for the moment it looks like Romania’s highway infrastructure did not improve a lot. The roads, in general, are good as long as you plan to drive between big cities. Once you get off the national roads, potholes are abundant and driving can be not that confortable, especially during winter.

Car accidents in Romania are rare. Make sure to follow the traffic rules and you will be ok. As for traffic, in Romania, it is quite decent, except big cities and especially Bucharest at rush hours when you can get stuck in traffic for more than one hour for something that would normally have lasted 15 minutes.

This being said, driving in Romania can be a bit challenging, but it’s not something to worry too much about. As long as you follow the traffic rules, use maps or similar traffic apps (Waze is very useful for Bucharest), you can enjoy quite a scenery on your way through the roads of Romania.

Public transport in Romania

If you’re visiting Bucharest only, the best advice would be to use the subway system. It’s the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Sometimes the traffic in Bucharest can be a mess and the subway will save your life.

If you want to travel around Romania, but don’t want to rent a car, you can definitely travel by train. The trains in Romania are in pretty good condition, they are comfortable and affordable. It might happen to  have some delays (especially during winter), but at least you can keep this in mind. In Romania, public transport is completely safe and affordable.

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