Romania – the surprising perfect romantic destination

In our day to day life, everything goes at top speed and little time or energy is left for the traditional romance which almost went extinct. While some are still nostalgic about the old fashioned ways of expressing feelings through love letters, flowers and poetry, others would rather see them as too cheesy and look for other, more down to earth alternatives. And since travel has never been easier nowadays, we’ll guide you through a surprising destination that has real chances to turn your vacation into a romantic getaway. Check out how can Romania be a surprising perfect romantic destination and where exactly to go. 




Sighisoara Citadel 

Considered one of the most beautiful fortresses of Europe, Sighisoara Citadel is a fairytale-like place that you can easily fall in love with. Its little, cobbled streets adorned with coloured houses inspire a medieval era atmosphere. Inside, the fascination of the old times when the citadel was filled with craftsmen, merchants and beautiful people, makes you feel like you have travelled back in time. Don’t miss the picturesque views from the Clock Tower and capture the beauty of the city’s surroundings. In July, during the Medieval Festival, the old atmosphere is brought to life, together with its brave knights and admirable ladies of the citadel. 


Sibiu’s Old Centre 

The ‘Europe’s Most Idyllic Places to Live’ as Forbes recently suggested, Sibiu’s Old Centre has a particular charm. Boasting an eye-catching Baroque and Renaissance architecture, the city invites you to discover its art galleries, relax on its appealing terraces and restaurants and look out over the city from the Council Tower. For a great meal, go to Pardon Café and Bistro and discover the deliciously cooked shells, made with a secret recipe, and the mouthwatering homemade cheesecakes. If you are around in winter, the magical Christmas Fair will surely mesmerize you. 




Brasov is a city of wonders and stunning views. In Brasov, the city meets nature and creates amazing sceneries. Settled in the foothills of the Tampa Hill, the city surprises with its centuries-old Remparts, its small streets decorated with libraries, restaurants, cafes and museums and its extraordinary Gothic Church. Nonetheless, the panoramic views are unrivalled. For a romantic getaway, take the cable car to Tampa Hill and be ready to be fascinated. Don’t miss either the central Republicii Street or the picturesque Rope Street and the lovely RopStreet Museum, its tasty cupcakes and handmade souvenirs. 



Train ride with Mocanita 

Within the deep forests and high imposing mountains, on the bank of a small river the last forestry narrow gauge steam railway in Europe, mocanita, welcomes you to discover its secret paths. Riding it, you can capture the wild beauty of this Romanian treasure through a photo-tour adventure provided by the rail company. 

The narrow-gauge steam train is used all year long and each day and the trains adventure almost 40 km inside the forest, up in the Carpathians, to bring down logs loaded wagons. Recently it has been adapted for travellers to take them on an epic adventure. We will journey back in the time of the 1960s, ’70s or ’80s as each train will be pulled by one of the historical steam locomotives and will have decades-old wagons. There are special planned photo stops on the line for you to fill your cameras with the best scenery or your microphones with the original sounds of mocanita forestry steam adventure. 


Balea Cottage and the Ice Hotel 

Another beautiful sight is Balea Lake, the maximum height point of Transfagarasan road. Balea is a glacial lake, meaning it got created when a glacier eroded the land and then melted in it. Although it sounds a bit too cold for romance, the Hotel of Ice located there is a place to try for a romantic getaway. The hotel, which is located near Balea Lake, is built every year from blocks of ice and snow. It has a different theme every year, the music being this year’s main theme. It has 14 rooms and 6 igloos. However, if you come during summertime, there is no ice hotel. Instead, you can stay in the cottage, right next to the crystal clear waters of the lake and enjoy the 360 degrees views. 



Viscri, (or White Church) from Brașov county, Transylvania is a village hidden from the road that connects Brasov to Sighisoara, and which houses one of the most spectacular Saxon fortified churches, one of the 7 included in the UNESCO world heritage. The particularities of the settlement attracted the attention and goodwill Prince Charles himself, who renovated the church and a few houses in the village, restoring them some of the original charms. Last year, included Viscri on a list of “25 secret European villages everyone should visit in their lifetime”. 


Gura Portiței 

A must-see at the shores of the Black Sea is the sandy beaches Its seaside resorts offer everything, from fancy beaches to hipster resorts to the Black Sea’s biggest port. But in Gura Portitei you will discover a true treasure of the seaside. White sandy beaches, crystalline water and a calming ambience, the perfect union with nature, far from the buzzing cities. Either you choose a rustic guesthouse, a modern hotel or just camping on the beach, it’s the perfect seashore retreat. 


Valea Prahovei 


Covered in thick forests and crowned by spectacular mountains, Prahova Valley attracts both romantics and fierce explorers. The valley is crossed by the main road that connects Bucharest to Transylvania and offers lots of access points to mountains and other nearby valleys. 

Should you need to make a stop on the way, Sinaia is the best place to do so. The beautiful resort, also known as the “Pearl of the Carpathians”, is a perfect blend of picturesque villas and modern hotels, all concentrated at the foot of a mountain in a buzzing touristic hot spot. The famous Peles Castle is also here. Lovers can spend a day on top of the mountain (for example, Cota 2000 in Sinaia offers amazing views), followed by a romantic dinner in the city and a long evening walk through the cities’ streets. 



Cheile Nerei 

Part of a natural reservation, Nerei Gorges offers nature at 100%. More than 600 species of plants and trees create a natural shelter, a place to get lost in the wondrous forests, to admire its blue lakes and the awe-inspiring Bigar Waterfall. The waterfall has recently been included in the world top of most beautiful unique waterfalls. This is because the waterfalls uniformly into a very large rock in the shape of a mushroom covered in moss.  It is a place to explore, to capture the beauty of the mountains and to let yourself be surprised by nature’s wonders. 





The capital of the country, Bucharest was once called “Little Paris” thanks to its various resemblances. Parks like Cismigiu, Herastrau, the historic old centre with many old buildings, Church Stravropoleos, with cafes, bars and restaurants and the Museum of the Village, The Athenaeum, Palaces and Park Carol, stand for as reasons to believe even the country’s capital is a city for the romantics. Nevertheless, nightlife in Old Town is something you have to experience. From small romantic restaurants to dancy clubs, there’s everything you need in one place. 



Let yourself be inspired by Romania’s romantic getaways. Get inspired by the landscapes, captivating places and let yourself be seduced by the marvellous architecture. From spring till winter, Romania’s home to some of the most beautiful sceneries all year long. 

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