Is Romania safe to travel?

Is Romania safe to travel? – that’s probably the question on every tourist’s mind given the country used to be avoided in the past. But that was mainly because of the ghost of a communist reign that haunted the country ever since its fall, but also due to poor advertising ever since, leaving people thinking it’s not a welcoming or safe place to be. Luckily that isn’t true at all and Romania’s bad reputation is easily overthrown by authentic experiences, the rich folklore and the breathtaking views. Romania is a mystical and beautiful country with a legendary heritage. Since it became part of the European Union, it has welcomed guests, amazed and entertained them, becoming an easily accessible and affordable destination. To make sure you take the maximum the advantage of your trip, here’s a list of aspects to take into consideration: 



Is Romania safe to visit? – overall safety 

Yes, with a score of 80 out of 100 (= perfectly safe) based on a study of, Romania has quickly become one of Europe’s fastest-growing destinations for travellers around the world. Especially UK and German tourists have flooded the country in the past years, lured by the attractive prices, the variety of activities and amazing food. The most popular cities in Romania to visit are Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, and Cluj-Napoca. With a diverse landscape especially in the rural parts, an incredible culture, and friendly people, Romania is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. 


Is Romania safe for solo travelling? 


Yes, it’s perfectly safe. Travelling alone is a great way to push your boundaries and re-discover yourself. You’ll meet new people; discover a new country and you’ll get out of your comfort zone. That’s great! 

Romanian people are really friendly and you can ask them anything. They are real chatterboxes and easy to have a conversation with.  If you like hostels, you can find them in any of Romania’s big cities such as Bucharest, Brasov or Cluj-Napoca. You can make new friends, learn a lot about the place and maybe get discounts on tours. There are also a lot of options for transportation from trains and buses to rideshares. 




Visiting Romania safety tips 

Even if Romania is a safe country, like everywhere else, theft can happen anywhere and you should keep an eye open, not just in Romania. Here are some easy tips that can help you while travelling: 

  • Keep your money safe: use cards as much as possible and withdraw only a small amount you’ll use for the day. Also, make sure to have a small bag or money belt locked  
  • Avoid scams – although not quite likely to happen in Romania, most are related to taxi drivers overcharging tourists. Make sure the taxi meter is on or check out alternatives 
  • Don’t possess or consume drugs – it goes without saying, available everywhere, not just in Romania. 
  • Don’t leave your bag unattended. Keep it by your side at all times and don’t entrust anyone to look after it 



Travel insurance in Romania 

It is best to get travel insurance wherever you go on holidays, not just in Romania. Since anything can happen anywhere and if you’re planning to visit Romania, then it’s best you look into the varieties of insurance you can buy. It covers the entire country and you don’t have to end up paying thousands for something that can be easily covered by the insurance. Better safe than sorry! 


The people of Romania 

Kindness and hospitality are the most common traits of Romanians. Locals are really happy when they see that foreign tourists are visiting their country. They will proudly tell you more about the Romanian culture and show you around. 

Chances are if you visit a Romanian’s home, you won’t leave the house until you’ve eaten 3 dishes, drank a shot of palinka and take some food with you. For the road…The only issue is that most of the elderly people don’t speak English. During the communist regime, Russian was the main language taught in schools. However, young Romanians are fluent in English and they will be happy to help you if you ever need directions. 



Terrorism in Romania 

…is basically non-existent. Romania is a safe country to travel to from a terrorist standpoint. There haven’t been any attacks yet but this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. No matter where you’re travelling to, take precautions and stay safe. 

It can be said that Romania is a bit safer than Germany, France or Spain giving the fact that no terrorist attacks happened until now. Romania hasn’t been targeted so far by any terrorist group. The minorities are small in numbers and there is no other major cultural influence that might start up riots or acts of terrorism. 


Taxi scams in Romania 

Unfortunately, taxi scams in Romania are common, even for locals. The first step you need to take to avoid this is to ask your driver to turn on the meter. If the driver refuses, try another taxi. Also, use maps and make sure that your driver is choosing the shortest route to your destination. Apart from paying a few RON more, taking a taxi in Romania is safe. Ore there are other alternatives, apps like Uber or Yango that are easy to use and you can select the preferred method of payment – cash or card. 


Bucharest’s old buildings 

Most of the buildings in the old center were built a long time ago and some of them have been internally reinforced while others had a superficial makeover. Make sure you read the reviews of your hotel or apartment before getting here to learn what were the problems of previous tourists. This way you can make sure you’re choosing the right. 

Also, there are many buildings in Old City marked as “not safe” in case of a big earthquake. We’re not saying you should avoid this area because that’s where all the fun is but take into consideration the reviews. Some buildings might be cold during winter, moldy or just too loud during summer nights. Do some research before. 


Tap water in Romania 

Can you drink tap water in Romania?  Yes – Tap water is safe to drink in Romania. However, few locals drink it. Most people prefer to buy bottled water. In cities close to mountains, water is better, in Bucharest it is rather ok-ish. 


Racial discrimination in Romania 

Romanians should not be confused with the Romani people – also referred to as Roma or gypsies. The Roma are believed to have originated in Northern India some 1,000 years ago, first spreading through the Byzantine area and subsequently throughout Europe and Northern Africa. Racial prejudice, especially against those thought to be Roma gypsy does occur in Romania. But hate crimes are rare. As a visitor, be careful and aware of your surroundings, and you should remain safe. It doesn’t matter who is approaching you, just keep an eye on your pocket and bags. 



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